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Today: December 5, 2021

A remote assistance software is an application that is used for on demand remote support or for purposes of correcting an error or problem in one computer through another computer in a network, either internet or LAN. Distance is not a factor in any case. A remote assistance software facilitates the communication between two (or more) computers, usually requiring one to have administrative privileges to be able to correct remotely the problem in the other computer. Non-hardware problems are mostly the areas targeted by remote assistance software, although hardware related ones can also be addressed requiring this time the cooperation of a live person to whom instructions can be relayed to.

Remote Assistance Software: VNC

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is one such system that facilitates control of another computer through a data link. The graphical view or content in the controlled computer is transmitted to the administrating station. The administrator's or technician's keyboard and mouse inputs are then transmitted back and effected on the controlled computer. This is one typical remote assistance software, consisting of a server, a client, and a communication protocol.

Remote Assistance Software in XP

You might be surprised that you may need not go out to find some other remote assistance software because your XP operating system already has one built into it: Remote Assistance. Didn't you notice that 'Help and Support' link (usually followed by the 'Search' and 'Run' links) there when you click on the 'Start' button? That's how you access this cool XP feature. Some initial settings need to be done though before this feature gets operational.

The main difference between VNC and Remote Assistance is that a user needs to send an 'invitation' to the administrator, the techie guy, before the data communication link gets opened. Now, the average user usually is not even compu-savvy enough to know how to send an 'invitation'. All they do is call IT. VNC on the other hand works without the invitation. As soon as an administrator is informed of which computer is having trouble, he can access it right there and then. There is however some tweak one can do to alleviate this shortcoming, if you considering this 'security feature' in XP's Remote Assistance as a weakness.

Remote Assistance Software: Products

There are several remote assistance softwares created to ease the administrator-client or support-user communication experience. Stick around and learn more...


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