Remote Assistance Administrator

Today: October 28, 2021

In a normal network there are at least two types of users:

  • The Administrator
  • The User

Remote Assistance: Administrator

The network may have one or more administrator. This guy is like a god in the network in that he has control over the network. He can make changes in the system, he can create, change or delete any user account. He can grant or deny permission to any one. He change the passwords. He is the power that be.

The Remote Assistance Administrator can be an administrator like above defined. Or he could just be your regular technical guy who is tasked to deliver remote assistance to anyone who needs it. In the Remote Assistance Network scenario, we always just refer to the one who needs help as the user, and the one who provides help as the administrator (although he may or may not actually be an administrator).

Remote Assistance: User

This is the regular entity who, in the remote assistance scenario, needs assistance. This the person who contacts the assistance provider or administrator for help in resolving some error or problem in his computer. In some instances where the Remote Assistance Software can give super access to the administrator, where the administrator can monitor and access the remote computer without any other intervention from third parties, there may not be any human user at all. The so-called user in this case is the computer itself.


Remote Assistance Administrator

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