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Today: October 28, 2021

Microsoft, the maker of Windows XP has this to say about the Windows XP Remote Assistance*:

Remote Assistance is a superb technology in Windows XP which allows Windows XP user to help one another over the internet. With Windows XP Remote Assistance, a user, called the 'Administrator' or 'Expert', can view the computer's desktop of another user, who is called the 'Novice', or simply the 'User'. With the User's/Novice's permission, the administrator can even take full control of the user's computer to resolve any problems remotely.

With Windows XP Remote Assistance, a Help desk can provide assistance on the network, which is called the 'Offer Remote Assistance' feature.

Prerequisites for Windows XP Remote Assistance

Prerequisites for Windows XP Remote Assistance - Both the user and administrator's computers must be running the Windows XP operating system. Windows Server 2003 will do, too.

  • The user's computer and the administrator's computer must be part of and thus connected to a common network.
  • For Windows XP Home Edition users, the user must be using an 'Owner' type account.
  • The user must be able to transfer a file to the administrator. The user can transmit a file automatically thru the 'Help and Support Center' by making use of the MS Outlook Express or the Windows Messenger. The user must thus have set beforehand Outlook Express or Windows Messenger. The user can likewise save the file and transmit it to the administrator by using other applications for transferring files, e.g. ftp.

There are at least 2 kinds of Remote Assistance scenarios:

  • Administrator - User interaction is initiated by the user and thus gives permission to the Administrator to take control of the user's computer.
  • The scenario where both the administrator and user's computers are in the same domain, and thus the expert can offer Remote Assistance to the user and bypass the need to ask permission from the user for control of the user's controller.

To make remote assistance even easier and more convenient for both user and adminstrator, see 'Windows Remote Assistance'.

You can get more information from the Microsoft website here.

Windows XP Remote Assistance
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